9 Best Tripod Deer Stands (Comparison & Reviews)

Getting the right outlook is essential for a successful hunt. Deer hunting goes with long preparation and patience. Packing up the gear, one should not emit the most important piece of it. The one that is crucial for taking aim: a portable deer stand or a portable duck blind.

At some point, traditional ways of getting an overview of your hunting field do not work out. What if there is no suitable tree within walking distance or you are simply not in the mood to climb it? That is where the portable deer stand comes into action.

Best Tripod Deer Stands Under $100

ItemDimensionsWeightMaterialCamouflage pattern

Allen Company

96 L x 35 H inchesNot Specified


Realtree EdgeSee Best Price


Height 45 Inches Width 8 Feet1. 165 Pounds


Classic patternSee Best Price


42.5 x 42.5 x 38.25 inches3.8 Pounds


Epic camo patternSee Best Price


84" standing height, entrance 21" W x 25" H24 lbs

Steel/water-resistant quiet denier fabric

Epic camo patternSee Best Price

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A height-adjustable stand with a comfortable seat on the top of it is an absolute must-have for every deer hunter. Most of these hunting blinds offer a raised construction that allows for a great distance view over the surrounding area.

While they are more preferred for hunting birds in open terrain, they are also enjoyable for deer hunting providing the trees around you are not too dense.

1. Allen Company Magnetic Tree stand Cover Blind Kit, Realtree Xtra Camo

allen1Magnetic closure for quiet entry and exit

The Vanish Magnetic Treestand Cover is made in Realtree Xtra camouflage. This blind cover is equipped with a magnetic closure for silent entry and exit. With a width of more than ninety inches and a height of more than thirty inches, this cover fits most single or double stair racks.

Tie-down straps

Fasten straps allow its owner to adjust the fit of the cover to the tree and hold it safely on the spot.

Zippered camo pouch with snap-close straps

Comes in a camouflage zippered case with snap-on straps that allow it to be attached to a backpack, helping to free its owner’s hands when he is about to climb in or out.


The Allen Company Magnetic Treestand Cover Blind Kit comes in Realtree edge color and is probably the most lightweight option for a tree stand you can possibly choose.

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2. Hawk 1.5-Man Ladder Blind Kit Big, Black, One Size

hawk1Aim access

The Hawk 1.5-Man Ladder Blind Kit Big allows you to aim in any direction, unlike other ladder posts. From whatever angle your prey may appear. The seat swivels 360 °, allowing you to sit comfortably and safely without twisting uncomfortably. A soft wrap-around mattress is also available.

Safe construction

Years of durable use are covered with sturdy steel construction, while it also manages to stable all shakes that may occur on your hunt.

Overall look

The construction has a real tree color while it is a little bit more than forty inches high and eight feet wide with a shipping weight of 1. 165 Pounds.


With the Hawk 1.5-Man Ladder Blind Kit Big, its owner will have an eagle eye over the entire area, while seated in safe steel construction, which makes ultimately the one hunting stand you were looking for!

See Best Price

3. Muddy Made to Fit Blind Kit IV Fitting Liberty Stand, Camo, One Size

muddy1Essential for any hunter

This Epic Camo-patterned curtain completely covers the stand, and a large front zipper provides easy access to and from the tripod. This curtain provides 360-degree concealment with a weather-resistant material.

Highest quality material

The material feels a bit light and brittle, although it certainly will endure some punishment and won’t break too easily.

Ultra-realistic, easy-to-catch bait

For the past two years, this product has been highly scrutinized and developed by Muddy. The Muddy Made to Fit Blind Kit IV Fitting Liberty Stand offers anglers an ultra-realistic, easy-to-catch lure with a finely tuned action. Over and above the product is a little bit more than forty inches high and wide, while it almost reaches forty inches in depth.


While there are undoubtedly other advantages to mention concerning this product, what is really worthwhile to mention is that the Muddy Made to Fit Blind Kit IV Fitting Liberty Stand is really easy to install, and that is why you will certainly need this stand!

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4. Muddy The Quad Blind Kit, Black


The Quad Blind Kit is a strong tower hide, which means a lot of heavy, high-quality materials. While it is undeniably one of the most durable deer hides, it also stands more than eighty inches above the ground.


The construction finds itself on a platform, which is just a bit more than twenty inches wide and has a firing height of twenty-five inches. The kit is made of steel for long term durability and water-resistant quiet denier fabric in Epic camo.

The cabin has a tough powder coating which adds to weather resistance. Everything mentioned above means its owner will have a tough, weatherproof hide that requires no maintenance with perfect protection against the elements that will outlast almost any other.


A clear asset of the Quad Blind Kit is its virtually indestructible design, which the reason why it should be on your list when looking for a hunting stand.

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Best Tripod Deer Stands Under $150

ItemDimensionsWeightMaterialCamouflage pattern

Rivers Edge

28" x 21.5"14.5 lb


Not SpecifiedSee Best Price

Big Dog Hunting

54x54Not Specified


Not SpecifiedSee Best Price

5. Rivers Edge RE554, Big Foot XL Classic, Lever-Action Hang-On Tree Stand

rivers11Carry Weight

The Primal Treestands Sky Spy Deluxe Aluminum Hang-On is an example of a lightweight and compact suspension bracket for primal tree stands with its weight of about twenty lbs, while the weight capacity reaches remarkable three hundred lbs.

Seat dimension

This product has a wide and spacious foot platform (36. 5”x 24” ) and a dual post-flip-up seat for all-day comfort. The footrest is also built in a way that provides enough space to stretch its owner’s legs.

Noise deafening

This product features rubber bumpers which limit metal-to-metal contact, making it a quiet, unobtrusive vantage point.


The BigFoot suspensions display an aggressive lever, which digs into the wood. So there is no need for a second belt.


All things mentioned above and manual, safety harness, and bolts which come with the product, as well as the opportunity to fold it flat for packing, make the Rivers Edge RE554, Big Foot XL Classic, Lever-Action Hang-On Tree Stand a convenient hunting stand option.

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6.Big Dog Hunting Enclosure Fabric Fits: Bdt-512/514 BDQF-500

bigdog1Fabric only

It is obvious that the design of this tower louver was carefully thought out. Its shape with 4 zip-out windows maximizes the space inside, while the camouflage walls and roof are simply stunning.


The stand fits bdt-500/514 quadpod and there are a number of design features that really improve the hunting experience. The stand’s shape has an exceptionally equipped structure with a Weather Defender powder coating for added strength. Another great asset is the Stealth Silencers, which prevent creaks and groans that can so easily alarm your victim.

4 zip-out windows

The skin enclosure will be of great benefit to both bowhunters and gun hunters. The secret is in the location of the Windows. The platform is already spacious enough. The Windows are also almost perfectly positioned. The windows make it easy to shoot down and to shoot directly from a standing position.

It has 4 zip-out windows, which allows you 360 ° rotation chasing your aim. With its load capacity, its owner can be sure that at this height he will be completely safe. The closed case provides a high level of comfort, protecting hunters from rain, snow, and wind. Zippered entry is there for easy access and weather protection.


While it is true that it’s a fairly heavy hunting skin with a steel tripod tower, the Big Dog Hunting Enclosure Fabric is one of the best stands in the world.

While it is more versatile than most, the Big Dog Hunting Enclosure Fabric is also quieter and ensures a high level of comfort. At this point, a fair assumption would be that you should give it a chance.

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Best Tripod Deer Stands Under $350

ItemDimensionsWeightMaterialCamouflage pattern

Summit Treestands Mini

18 ”W x 12” D Seat Size, 20” W x 24.75” D Platform Size20 lb

Aluminum, Fabric

Classic patternSee Best Price

Summit Treestands

Not Specified29 pounds

Fabric, steel

No patternSee Best Price

Summit Treestands 81120

18” W x 12” D seat size, 20” W x 26.5" D platform size20 lbs

Fabric, aluminium

Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity camoSee Best Price

7. Summit Treestands Mini Viper SD Climbing Treestand

summitmini1Fully enclosed to keep you out of the elements

Its solid design creates kind of closed shutters, and due to its retractable option, it is possible to use it with or without a roof.

Includes access to the full view of the land

The construction is sturdy and allows the 260 degrees view, along with the comfortable design, you can watch your prey for hours without getting tired

The Blind Swivels with the seat

The blinds’ design allows them to sit comfortably in the seat, enabling the hunter to set a target confidently in any direction.

Easy to install and fix

The detailed instruction and fewer details allow the quick assembly of this item and high-quality materials used for production provide a secure grip around the wood.


This is the mini version of the original Summit Treestands 81120 Viper and it is significantly cheaper – one more advantage of this product.


Over and above the cover is remarkably durable and it is only a simple matter of two bolts and velcro to install it, making the Summit Treestands Mini Viper SD Climbing Treestand the right choice for you.

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8. Summit Treestands Summit Viper Steel Climber

summer1Great quiet design for bow or gun season

Viper Steel gives hunters an absolutely silent design that doesn’t shell out so much green with the QuickDraw ® cable locking system from Summit and a full-perimeter frame that is equally good for sitting or standing situations.

Adjustable, seat and backrest with cushioned armrests

The eighteen-inch wide and twelve-inch in length adjustable seat and twelve-inch wide and twenty-inch long backrest are great for archery and firearms with a thicker seat cushion to combat fatigue from long hours on the stand.

Backpack straps and a full-body safety harness included

The Rapid Climb stirrups simplify the installation of the rack. This product has a finished powder coating in brown color with padded armrests and handrails for shooting. Full-body seat belts are included in the main pack.


While the Summit Treestands Summit Viper Steel Climber is built to hold three hundred pounds, weighs about only thirty pounds with more than agreeable prize offer, which makes it absolutely worth the go.

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9. Summit Treestands 81120 Viper SD Climbing Treestand

summit1Proven Reliability

The Summit Treestands 81120 Viper SD Climbing Treestand is equipped with a 4-point safety harness and all necessary pads, hardware, ropes, and straps, and what is more, it is covered by Summit’s Five Year Limited Warranty.

Metal Sound Deadening SD Technology

Every small reduction in noise makes a big difference in order to hide the hunter. Summit’s Dead Metal sound absorption technology functions by filling critical parts of the platform with specially designed foam to reduce unintended noise caused by movement on the platform.

QuickDraw Cable Retention System

The QuickDraw rope locking system is an important innovation in terms of climbing trees. It is also the fastest and quietest cable attachment system ever existed. Once the cable size corresponds with the tree’s diameter, all you have to do is insert the cable into the QuickDraw bracket of the suspension arm, pull the trigger, and the cable will lock securely in place.

Precision Welding

Summit uses high-quality extruded aluminum and SummitLokt with precision welds to ensure absolute rigidity and maximum strength. The result is a stand that is completely silent strong, safe, and reliable at the same time.

RapidClimb Climbing Stirrups

Its climbing stirrups have an ergonomic shape and can be adjusted to fit any space. Fast and incredibly easy to use, they are standard on all summit climbing walls.


Undeniably it is one of the most innovative tree stands which keeps you best concealed in the tree and that is why the Summit Treestands 81120 Viper SD Climbing Treestand is on this list!

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FAQ for tripod deer stands buyers 

1. How much area is needed to set up a portable deer stand?

The area needed differs a little depending on the model, but on average 30×30 feet area would be enough.

2. What should be considered while choosing a hunting stand?

One of the important things to look for in a blind hunt tower is its durability. They can be quite high off the ground and you need good support.

3. What should I pay attention to when setting up a hunting stand?

Be sure to check out the weather forecast and be prepared for specific weather conditions. Think on how it affects your climbing in and out of the stand when it’s raining as the leader leading to the stand may become slippery.

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