5 Best Portable Sewing Machines (Comparison & Reviews)

Nowadays not only professional tailors need a sewing machine at home. It is part and parcel of modern householding, especially now, when a lot of people prefer to wear home-made face masks to protect themselves and their families.

Manufacturers offer a huge array of devices convenient to wide demands. There are two kinds of portable sewing machines. First of all, handled sewing machines. Actions they can do are limited, but you will not have to sew up a hole in your pocket since they won’t have done it. To keep your masterpieces always clean, use a portable washing machine.

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Apart from the fact that this item has the most elegant design, it is big enough to sew elaborate saws on thick fabrics. 

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Other great portable sewing machines

ItemDimensionsWeightColorPower source


8.9 x 5.9 x 2 inches10.4 ouncesWhite4 AA batteries or 6V power supplySee Best Price



9.06 x 3.74 x 2.28 inches12 ounces


4*AA batteries or USB cableSee Best Price


8.6 x 3.5 x 6.9 inches2.79 poundsWhiteBattery PoweredSee Best Price



4.7*9.4*11 inches5.44 poundsViolet/purplepower adaptor or four AA batteriesSee Best Price

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The second kind is represented by mini (compact) sewing machines. Their common thread is that being desktop devices, they still perform fewer functions than full-sized ones. Whether you are an experienced seamstress, a beginner or you want to pick up the threads, you’ll find what is convenient for you on amazon.com.

1. Deertrip Portable Sewing Machine, Handheld

deeptrap2 When the “Seabiscuit” movie said, Ford T was functional and simple like your sewing machine, it probably meant the very this model. No spool mechanism; a mini-bobbin and threading elements on the side deck – the design is as compact as they come. It does not go in reverse, it does not a zig-zag stitch, just a common straight stitch only.

It does not automatically lock the end stitch, so you have to tie a knot at the end of every run. At last, you have to move the fabric yourself, which takes a little getting used to. So what this itty bitty one is great for? Handheld machines are usually positioned as “put it in your lady bag”.

But let’s speak honestly, you will hardly ever fix a dress on a date or in the theatre. Leave the room in your bag for a lipstick, but do put Deertrip Portable Sewing Machine in your backpack. You’ll highly appreciate it in the wild or camping. It is able to fix a tent or hiking clothes or make some hiking life-hacks.


When you are at home, you can use it if your mode of life doesn’t let you pick out even one square yard to dispose of a desktop machine or if you’re a rolling stone. It is powered by the included 6V power supply, or by four AA batteries.

The package contains nine spool-bobbins with threads of different colors, a measuring tape, two machine needles, tiny scissors, a needle threader, and a number of pins as well.

As you may conclude, the device is thread and thrum, so there is no wonder that reviews of it vary from complete negativity to delight. The point is in understanding what it can do, and what it just cannot. The thing itself works well, but do not force it to put a rope to the eye of a needle.

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2. Jeteven Handheld Sewing Machine, Mini Handy

jeteven1It is hard to say a new word in handheld sewing machines construction. The current model is a copy of the previous one, except for the color: it is light pink, which may be a factor for some purchasers. The same easiness of operating, the same common sense.

To hem thick curtains or a tablecloth, to do bed sheet or quilt cover, to repair a coverall or a shopping bag, to alter jeans – yes. To sew up something more complicated than a pillowcase, to fix an evening dress made of the most delicate fabric – certainly not.

Do check convenient thread thickness, do adjust the fabric appropriate thread tension, and do hold the material right. Follow the manual instructions attached and you’ll get an ultra-high result for the level of its size and appearance.

The device is equipped with a pair of scissors, nine bobbins with threads of different colors, a measuring tape, two threaders, two spare needles, ten safety pins, and a small piece of tasting fabric.

The technical spare parts included are a long rod and a five-feet USB cable. Jeteven Handheld Sewing Machine can also run on four AA batteries. All in all, the item is very practical, and is, probably, a better option for those who cannot afford or dispose of a desktop sewing machine.

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3. KPCB Mini Sewing Machine Eco-Friendly Material

The next model to consider is a desktop one, tiny, but built to last. This comes with an extended table making it easy to arrange fabric and to stabilize the machine. Cuff slot makes sewing the sleeves and trouser-legs with ease.

kcpb1The two-speed mode option allows you to choose the optimal one, the foot pedal it comes with is also cool as it permits you to concentrate your sewing with both hands. The limitation of no reverse or zig-zag stitching should not be a deterrent factor from purchasing the device, remembering the price.

Only one straight line stitching still delivers the most of home needs, like hemming a cloth on the edges, and creating small projects, which would take a lot of time to sew by hand – it is wonderful for something like and that can save a lot of time and effort.

It comes with 90/14 needles and is also compatible with 75/11, 80/12, 10/16 needles, which makes it able to manage with a lot of fabric kinds: from heavy silk to thin jeans and hard wool. With its weight less than two pounds, this one is highly portable. the size of this sewing machine is suitable for children to learn.

The machine is very strong – It can sew through four layers of cotton with no problem. The machine is equipped with a light bulb over the sewing area, two speeds Automatic Bobbin Rewinding, and a thread cutter. It comes threaded and ready to go. It supports an adapter power supply and can also be used with batteries for outdoor use.

The manufacturer uses environmentally friendly materials for this product, which can be a factor for many buyers.
The warranty period of only three months for this little bit is alarming, but the service from the company is outstanding. They are more than appreciative of their customers.

Besides the very detailed manual with specific descriptions, they care enough to offer a number of tutorial videos for this sewing machine available online on YouTube called, “Mini Sewing machine”.

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4. Sewing Machine, Portable Multifunctional Electric Sewing Machines Travel

gotseven1 This mini sewing machine has a little larger dimensions and is some heavier comparing to the previous model. It also beats that one with exquisite design – delicate candy mint color and rounded lines. If you believe that your purchase should be not only functional but also elegant, this device is definitely your choice.

White controls would match the mint color of the body better than black ones, though, but in the end, it’s a matter of taste. As for its functionality, this item is a twin sister of the previous one.

Double thread sewing, two-speed modes, foot pedal, automatic thread rewind, thread cutter, a little light to illuminate the moving parts, cuff slot for sleeves, and pants – as grown-up machines do have. Cannot go backward, just regular straight stitches – she is still a kid.


Speaking of kids, they will love to learn how to sew on such a cute device. And its pretty appearance makes it a great option of a gift for a birthday or whatever. The users of the device notice very high quality, fine noise level, and clear manual instructions, while the seller engages for shock absorption and good wear resistance.

Besides common fabrics, the machine is declared to deal with leather. It comes with all accessories required. It runs on a DC 6V 1.5A power adaptor and cannot do on batteries, unlike all other presented models.

One more consideration about the design: the rounded shape of the case in the working area looks beautiful, but if your palms are not miniature, it may force you to keep your little finger raised while sewing, which may be uncomfortable. Now that you know enough about this item, the decision is up to you.

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5. Portable Sewing Machine IG505 IRIS GEMMA for Adult Beginners

iris1 The last item in our review, despite its compactness and portability, has the functionality of a full-size sewing machine. It is able to perform twelve built-in types of stitches, including seven zig-zag ones, two buttonhole ones; and also has a reverse mode. You can adjust the stitch length.

The threading instruction icons are applied directly to the white body with lavender controls. Like the previous model, it has a rounded warking area hollow, but distinctively, the rounding gives deepening, which allows the right-hand fingers to lie comfortably, a kind of hugging the work area.

Some of the dimensions in sewing patterns and instructions are in centimeters, not inches. The IG505 IRIS GEMMA Sewing Machine has an 18-centimeters scale on its body to help you in such situations. In the lower right part of the case, you can find a small drawer for little things like spools, etc.


In a niche in the rear of the body, there is a spindle for a full-size (not spool one, like on previous models) bobbin. The traditional spindle place on the upper surface of the sewing machine is occupied by a carrying handle. Unfortunately, the handle does not fold flat, but it’s ok for the price.

The seller assures that IG505 IRIS GEMMA is able to sew as thick as eight layers of jean fabric. The sewing machine operates at two-speed modes from the included foot pedal. The working area is illuminated by a LED lamp, and at the end of the seam, one can cut the thread with a built-in thread cutter.

We haven’t mentioned auto bobbin wind mode and a sleeve slot. A foot pedal, two bobbins, two thread spools, a thread, a threader, an AC adapter, and an elastic face mask cord are the accessories that the machine comes with.

It can run both on the adaptor, or four AA batteries. The seller offers a tutorial video besides the paper instruction manual.

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FAQ for portable sewing machines buyers

1. I have never sewed on a sewing machine. Can I sew straight away as soon as I get one and remove it from the box?

The sewing on a machine is fairly easy. This is what it was invented for – to make our life easier. Perhaps the most difficult thing for beginners is the right threading and convenient tension choice.

Don’t throw away the manual. Together with a lot of tutorial videos on YouTube, it will facilitate the process. After all, one doesn’t have to be as sharp as a needle to thread one.

2. How does it come that the seam line is crooked?

Slow down the sewing speed. The more experience you have, the faster you will be able to sew keeping the stitches row straight.

3. Why does the fabric gather in folds and wrinkles?

Release the thread tension with the appropriate control.

4. What devices and accessories do I need to use a portable sewing machine?

Sewing machines are usually supplied complete with all the necessary consumables, but their diversity is moderate. When you get a taste of sewing, you will probably want to purchase needles of different thicknesses, threads of various colors, and fabric compatibility.

Removable presser feet of different functions will help you create masterpieces. We also recommend that you pay attention to sewing machine storage bags and handy carrying cases.

5. I am absolutely inexperienced. I’m gonna bye the cheapest one, just to give myself a try, right?

No, it’s not right. It will be easier and more useful for you to learn to sew on a machine with more options. They will protect you from getting bored or quickly losing interest in sewing.

And if you are still disappointed in this occupation, then a more functional sewing machine will be easier and faster to resell than a plain one. Let a well-chosen portable sewing machine delight you with DIY-masterpieces for many years!