7 Best Portable Piano Keyboards for Travelling in 2023

If you opened this review, you are definitely a music lover and even know how to play musical instruments. We’re sure that true music lovers want to play their favorite song at any point in their lives. Yet, in the case of the piano, it may seem impossible.

Imagine going on a camping trip with your friends, pulling out a piano, and surprising everyone with your talent. Do you think it is impossible? In this review of the best portable piano keyboards for traveling in 2023, we will dispel your doubts and help you make the right choice.

These best portable music players will make your traveling experience more enjoyable.

Our Top Picks:

RockJam-Compact-61-Key-KeyboardRockJam Compact 61 Key Keyboard
  • Several Inputs
  • Teaching Modes
  • Digital Piano Accessories
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Lujex-keyboard-piano-61-KeysLujex keyboard piano 61 Keys
  • High Quality
  • Multi-Function
  • Worry-Free Warranty
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Raimy-Kids-Keyboard-PianoRaimy Kids Keyboard Piano
  • Two Power Supply Methods
  • High Quality Package
  • Enlightenment Education
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1. RockJam Compact 61 Key Keyboard

A professional keyboard from RockJam is a great buy for music lovers. It has everything you need for both experienced musicians and beginners. The 61-key keyboard is equipped with a convenient stand for notes.

It is a full-fledged piano that you can easily take with you. The weight of the tool is only 0.03 pounds, so its transportation will not cause problems.

You can play music all you want: the electric keyboard has the full range of notes from C2 to C7. Also, you will be able to record music. Besides, a wide range of tones and rhythms are available.

The keyboard supports the playback of 40 audio files. For music beginners, there is a learning mode. Powerful speakers are a nice bonus. They are located on the sides of the keyboard. If you want, you can connect more powerful speakers to use the instrument at performances.

The keyboard has all the features you need: USB support, headphone, and a microphone connection. Choose your instrument’s optimal mode, fine-tune important performance criteria, and then start creating. Handy reusable stickers help you with muscle memory training.

The piano can run on both battery and main power. A power supply is included in the basic kit. When you buy the RockJam 54 keyboard, you automatically get access to the popular Simply Piano app.

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2. Lujex keyboard piano 61 Keys

The Lujex 61 Keys Roll Up Piano portable piano makes a great gift for your child for any occasion.

The handheld piano is great for practicing musical skills. It is as easy to use as possible, so it is suitable for musicians of all ages. The piano is made of high-quality food-grade silicone and is not dangerous.

Use the piano anywhere: it’s lightweight and takes up little space. It also comes with a handy carrying bag.

It only takes a few seconds to set up your piano. You don’t need to be an experienced musician to use it. Have fun at home or as a guest, and play at school concerts and productions. Connect headphones so you don’t disturb others during practice.

The piano can be used by two young musicians at the same time. It has 61 keys and is designed for 5 octaves. A number of possible tones – 128, rhythms – 100. Record up to 40 demo songs. The powerful battery lets you play for up to 10 hours continuously.

The portable keyboard will follow the development of your child’s skills. You can use 3 keys at the same time, so the piano is more suitable for entry-level.

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3. Raimy Kids Keyboard Piano

The Raimy Children’s Keyboard Piano is guaranteed to provide you with a fun and enjoyable experience. Use it to improve children’s music education and practice the skills they’ve already learned.

The piano contains small parts, so it should not be used by children under 3 years old. Children’s piano is made of high-quality and safe materials, it has no protruding parts or sharp ends.

The size of the keys is designed for the convenience of small hands. The piano comes in a thick cardboard box, which is great for carrying and storing the instrument. It weighs 1.23 pounds, so a child does not need help transporting it.

The piano contains 37 keys, 8 rhythms, and 8 tones. Your child will be able to record 11 songs on their own. Besides, the basic settings include volume and tempo controls. The instrument supports vibration and automatic sleep function.

Children’s piano is no different from adult prototypes. It is suitable not only for developing an interest in music but also for practicing fine motor skills by pressing individual keys. The piano is designed for children 3-6 years old.

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4. Eastar EP-10 Beginner Foldable Digital Piano

The Eastar EP-10 portable piano is ideal for those who want to master this musical instrument. Convenient and compact, it doesn’t take up much space in the house and is always on hand.

It easily fits in your travel bag and trunk. Even a child can easily handle this instrument. It weighs only 8 pounds, so you can take it anywhere you want.

The keyboard contains 88 keys, which is the same as a full instrument model. Each key is equipped with a force sensor.

The volume of the tune directly depends on it. There are 128 tones available for more detailed moods.

Help your child learn to play the piano without being forced. With Eastar EP-10 you will be able to experience the full range of emotions of a real pianist. Thanks to the great LCD display, playing will be even easier and more enjoyable. You can record 21 demo songs.

Of the secondary options, it is worth noting the presence of a metronome, the possibility of a double keyboard, intensity settings, and keyboard drums.

The piano is simple and easy to use. It’s great for practicing beginner musicians. It supports Bluetooth connection, so use your phone, tablet, or headphones for more productive practice.

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5. Donner Folding Piano Keyboard

The comfortable piano format, high-quality sound, and many useful features make it one of the most sought-after models in its field. It has all the elements necessary for the entry-level.

Donner DP-06 White contains 61 keys and unfolds 180 degrees. The keys as accurately as possible convey all the sensations that the pianist gets when playing a real instrument.

Just touch the key with your fingertip to get a clear and accurate sound. The creation of the portable piano used exactly the highest quality and wear-resistant materials.

The keys will not be yellow for a long time, even with daily use. Thanks to the unique design, the instrument can easily fit into any interior. It is easy and comfortable to carry, so you can continue to work out away from home.

Built-in powerful battery provides up to 10 hours of continuous operation. You will no longer have to worry about finding a power outlet. The instrument has 128 tones and 128 rhythms, which shows professionalism. You can record 21 demo songs to make learning to play even more fun.

Use the Bluetooth connection to play audio files and sing your favorite songs. The digital screen helps users quickly and easily learn all the basic piano settings. Watch the actual settings and improve your musical skills.

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6. Casio SA-51

The portable piano is designed for those who want to learn to play the piano with fun.

Spend time with your loved ones in a meaningful way. Because of its ease of use and excellent sound quality, the instrument is great as a first piano, even for young musicians.

The functionality of the piano is not much different from the real prototypes. 32 keys help you to quickly and easily learn the basics of keyboard playing.

For your comfort, there are 100 different tones. In addition to the piano, there are also trumpet and percussion tones.

You can use them as a complete accompaniment. 50 rhythms help you choose the right musical direction. You can change the pitch of a note by 1 or several octaves to get the desired sound.

You can listen to 10 different songs that are already in the portfolio. The Casiotone SA-51 has an LCD display that makes the instrument easy to use. You will be able to see on the screen all the information you need on the settings.

You can use the metronome when playing at a steady tempo and familiarize yourself with the songs in the library. The piano can be operated with 6 AA batteries or AC power.

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7. Casio CT-S1FH

Bright and comfortable keyboard Casiotone CT-S1 FH will help everyone get closer to music. Portable piano is easy to take with you, it can be used on a walk, at school, or on a visit. Use it by yourself or with your friends.

The piano is great for having fun with your family. Choose from a variety of instruments, including electric piano and organ. All you need to play this piano is a desire and a good mood.

The modern acoustic system allows you to create a clear and accurate sound. Powerful speakers will diversify the melody bass. Built-in equalizer automatically adjusts frequencies at any volume.

A 61 timbre allows you to work on the skills you’ve already learned. You won’t have to worry about storing and transporting your instrument. Its compact size makes it easy to store on any shelf. Use the stand mount to secure your instrument without the need for a stand.

The convenient audio adapter allows you to connect all kinds of electronic devices: phones and tablets. Play your favorite music and sing the hits without limits. You can use the learning mode to make playing the piano even easier. Casiotone CT-S1 FH has all the features of a professional instrument and helps you enjoy playing.

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Can you learn piano on a portable keyboard?

Yes, it is possible to learn how to play the piano on a portable keyboard. With practice and dedication, you can become an expert pianist even with a smaller keyboard. To get started, make sure you find the right size and type of keyboard that fits your needs and skills. Then look up lessons online or take classes in person (which is actually way better) to begin learning.

How much time do I need to learn piano?

It depends on the individual, but most people can learn to play basic melodies and chords within a few months. With dedication and regular practice, someone can become an expert pianist in just a few years.

Can I bring my piano keyboard on a plane?

Yes, you can bring a portable piano keyboard on a plane. However, depending on the airline and its regulations, you may need to check your keyboard in as special baggage as it may be too large for carry-on luggage. Make sure to double check with your airline regarding their policies and protocol before bringing your keyboard onboard.

Can I pack a keyboard in checked luggage?

Yes, you can typically pack a keyboard in checked luggage. However, make sure to check with your airline for their specific guidelines regarding size, weight and packing requirements for checked items. It’s also important to ensure the keyboard is properly padded and protected so it won’t be damaged during transit.