13 Best Portable Dishwashers (Comparison & Reviews)

The dishwasher does not have to take up much space in the kitchen. The class of portable dishwashers is not a narrow machine, as for some reason it is considered, but a separate type of device, which is similar in size to a microwave oven.

We have chosen the most successful models of portable dishwashers, among which you can choose the best option for your kitchen. If you want more portable stuff for your kitchen, try portable electric stoves.

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NOVETE TDQR01 Compact Countertop Dishwasher


If you’re tired of sudsy hands, soggy towels, and soapy sponges, then this compact but mighty portable dishwasher is the perfect way to solve dish dilemmas. 

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NOVETE TDQR01 Compact Countertop DishwasherThis compact dishwasher allows you to wash up to 4 sets of dishes in one load. It provides high quality and allows owners to rest or do other things.

This model has various programs. They allow owners not to worry about setting the time, temperature, and other parameters.

It also includes modes designed for washing, slightly, medium, and heavily contaminated dishes. What’s more, there is an optimal mode for gently removing contaminants from glassware. There is a slider dispenser that allows you to use detergents sparingly.

The energy efficiency of the dishwasher meets the A+ standard. This means that it consumes less energy.

With the “Delayed Start” function, you can get your dishes clean by exactly the right time. Or you can do it when it is convenient. Load the dirty dishes, set a delay timer, and the dishwasher will start working at the specified time.

This model has a white body. Although the model is inexpensive, it has enough functions and good specifications.

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BlitzHome Dishwasher

To keep your dishes crystal clear, you can use this dishwasher. The small and compact size is perfect for a small kitchen area.

The dishwasher can hold plates, mugs, glasses, and other kitchen utensils. Its operation can be easily controlled through a mobile app. The main functions are time, temperature, and washing speed.

It is necessary to choose the mode depending on the degree of soiling of the dishes. After the dishwasher dishes are clean and shiny without a single stain or food residue.

There is also no detergent residue on the dishes, making them safe for future use.

Thanks to the high-temperature mode in the machine, you can sterilize baby bottles and plates. There is a special organizer for washing kitchen utensils in the dishwasher. This allows you to make the device even more convenient to use.

The small size of the portable dishwasher allows you to take it with you on trips, hikes, nature trips, and so on. You can also wash food such as fruits and vegetables in the dishwasher.

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Farberware Professional FCD06ABBWHA

Farberware Professional FCD06ABBWHAThis tabletop dishwasher can hold 6 sets of dishes. It has less water consumption than some competitors – 6.5 liters per cycle. It has a reduced noise level of 49dB.

This model supports a 24-hour start-up delay and uses a condensation type of drying.

The device works in 6 modes. Fast on 30 min, standard on 120 min/60°C and 90 min/65°C, economical and intensive.

It also copes with fragile dishes through delicate washing. The indicators for detergent and rinse aid are on the control panel display.

This device will help you to cope with quite large quantities of dishes, allowing you to enjoy the result.

This model uses a condensation type of drying so that the dishes are gently dried. An important part is the delay timer, which will help to postpone the period of washing the dishes.

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Moosoo Countertop Dishwasher

This small and compact dishwasher will save you time and effort in this process. It can be used in any small room because it takes up almost no space.

The convenience of a dishwasher also lies in the fact that it holds several sets of kitchen utensils, including appliances and glasses. This allows you to wash dishes after several meals, saving water and cleaning products.

Also, the device implies 6 modes for washing. You can choose them according to your own preferences and the degree of soiling of the dishes.

There is also a choice in the water pressure. This is what allows you to clean not only dishes but also fruits and vegetables in the dishwasher.

After the dishwasher, dishes are as clean as possible. No particles of cleaning agents remain on it, so there is no need to rinse all the dishes again after washing.

The dishwasher ensures the contents are evenly and quickly dried, so there are no streaks or marks on dishes and appliances. The low weight and size of the dishwasher make it easy to take anywhere and place it even on small racks.

The compact dishwasher will provide its owners with clean dishes, fruits, and vegetables, as well as other kitchen appliances.

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Danby DDW621WDB

Danby DDW621WDBThis dishwasher has a quiet and economical inverter motor. It differs from the standard electric motor in its ability to carry high loads.

By pressing the VarioSpeed button, you can significantly shorten the dishwashing cycle time. At the same time, the quality of the results obtained will not be reduced.

The load sensor helps you to find the perfect setting for each occasion. This will make washing up not only efficient but also very economical.

The automatic door closer enables you to close the door smoothly and press it against the body. This way you can avoid water leaks and program errors.

When you activate the intensive mode, the water temperature rises to 70 degrees. This allows you to remove the most persistent dirt. Also, this function will help you destroy harmful microorganisms that cause dangerous diseases.

One more interesting feature is LoadSensor. With its help, the load sensor measures how much weight the loaded dishes in the camera. Moreover, the device will show how much water you need for washing them. Thus, water consumption depends on the volume of the dishes.

Besides, this model has an intensive, standard, and delicate washing mode. The quality of the dishes is achieved through a five-level circulation of water. And the brushless motor ensures low wear and tear.

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Magic Chef Energy Star

This dishwasher option is great for people who live alone or in a small apartment. It is quite compact, yet roomy.

You can place several types of dishes and kitchen utensils in them at once. At the same time, you can use the dishwasher only once a day after a full load.

There is a special compartment or organizer for devices, and for plates and other dishes, there are racks. They ensure the integrity and preservation of all kinds of dishes while they are being cleaned in the dishwasher.

After washing, the dishes keep their appearance and become perfectly clean without any stains or streaks.

Thanks to the fact that the dishwasher is as small and compact as possible, you can take it with you on long trips, travel, in nature, and in other places. This allows you to always get clean dishes without a drop of leftover detergent.

In the dishwasher, you can sterilize baby appliances, plates, and bottles. You can also wash fruits and vegetables to ensure they are completely free of dirt.

For washing dishes, there are 6 modes and several types of water pressure. They must be adjusted according to the load of the machine and the degree of soiling of the dishes.

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BLACK+DECKER BCD6W 6 Place Setting Compact Countertop DishwasherThis dishwasher boasts a built-in display. This will make the process of selecting settings as comfortable and as fast as possible.

With the delayed start timer, this device can get started without your involvement. All you need to do is set the necessary time interval.

Another advantage of this model is the presence of express mode. It allows you to quickly clean the dishes. Moreover, it provides minimal water and electricity consumption.

The lock function will not allow young children to start the device. Built-in indicators quickly signal the need to refill the detergent tanks.

This model consumes 7 liters of water in one cycle, which is the average for such machines. But the energy efficiency class of the device corresponds to the A++. It will surely please the fans of ecology. The camera of this dishwasher is of stainless steel. The basket of the device has shelves for cups and cutlery.

On the model control panel, there is an LCD display. It displays the remaining operating time, delay time, and other parameters. Besides, there are indicators of the salt and rinse levels in the compartment. Among the modes of operation, there is even a preliminary soaking. It is relevant for very dirty dishes. Besides, the device is quite quiet in operation. The noise level is 48 dB.

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Comfee 6-Place Setting EnergyStar

This dishwasher is designed to clean dishes thoroughly and quickly from any degree of dirt. It saves water, time, and effort in the process of washing dishes by hand.

Although this device is quite compact and small, it can hold several sets of plates of different sizes, as well as other kitchen utensils.

The presence of 6 washing modes and several types of pressure makes the machine multifunctional and convenient to use.

It is possible to buy a dishwasher for a small apartment or a room, and also for those who often go on business trips or travels. The dishwasher takes up minimal space, so it will fit perfectly in any small corner.

Also, the machine is quite light, so it is easy to carry from place to place. After washing in the dishwasher, the dishes are clean. At the same time, it does not leave any residue from cleaning agents and food residue.

Your dishes also dry evenly in the dishwasher, so there are no streaks. Baby items can be washed in the dishwasher, ensuring they are sterilized. You can also use it to clean fruits and vegetables of impurities.

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Danby DDW631SDB

Danby DDW631SDBThis dishwasher has a stylish and modern silver case, it is not built-in. The model is practical and economical because it only consumes 7 liters of water.

At the same time, it cleans 6 sets of dishes simultaneously. There are 6 knowingly prepared programs. The most important one is the daily cleaning mode of the dishes.

There is an express cleaning function for heavily contaminated appliances. Besides, there is a delicate and economical mode for fragile dishes. You can control it via the display on the front.

This model is partially protected against leaks. The case comes with a special rubber band. Salt does not accumulate inside the device, because there is an automatic rinse mode. The inside of the cooking cabinet is entirely made of stainless steel.

The drying here is condensing. So it will not consume much power and will not make much noise during operation.

On the control panel, there is a display where you can see the status of the machine. There is also a display of programs that you can switch with the buttons. There are also the operation indicators and buttons for delayed start and pause. The basket comes with a separate cutlery tray and two folding shelves.

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TFCFL Portable Countertop Dishwasher

The dishwasher greatly simplifies the dishwashing process and saves energy as well as water. The dishwasher is compact, so it doesn’t take up much space. This option is great for use in small spaces, on trips, and on travels.

Despite its small size, the dishwasher holds plates, mugs, and other kitchen utensils. There are racks and organizers for each of them. They allow you to keep all the fragile utensils safe and sound.

The dishwasher also has several modes that can be selected for each type and degree of soiling of kitchen utensils. It has a total of 3 modes, each of which provides a high-quality and thorough wash.

The time of the procedure depends on the choice of mode. It may be 30, 40, and 50 minutes. The dishwasher also has a drying mode, which allows getting clean dishes without streaks.

Low water consumption allows you to save money by running the machine once or twice a day. It can hold several sets of dishes, so for one person, it can be loaded once at the end of the day after each meal.

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Farberware FDW05ASBWHA

Farberware FDW05ASBWHA This dishwasher will work even without a water connection. You can fill it with a tank that holds 5 liters of water. You can drain the liquid manually, using special hoses.

The hot air drying function reduces the cycle time compared to condensation models. The machine has holders for plates and high glasses.

In the steam washing mode, the machine eliminates bacteria and washes away allergens. It also has a function to rinse fruits and vegetables without a cleaning agent.

This model has 6 programs and 4 temperature modes. Besides, there are two modes for washing fruits – 7 min and 12 min. There is also an odor removal function, turbo-drying, and steam treatment. It can sterilize baby bottles or other dishes.

The camera has an internal backlight. The display shows information about the current program, remaining time, and water temperature. You can postpone the machine start-up for 1-24 hours.

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Anqidi Portable Countertop Dishwasher

The dishwashing process can be made much more comfortable and faster with this portable dishwasher. Its compact size allows you to place the device in any convenient place.

It can hold several sets of dishes, allowing you to run the wash just a couple of times a day.

You can also wash foods such as fruits and vegetables in the dishwasher. There is a separate mode for this, which you can turn on with just one push of a button.

The machine has other modes for fast and thorough washing. For cleaning in the dishwasher, any standard cleaning agents will do. You can put plates, glasses, mugs, kitchen utensils, and other utensils in this machine.

After cleaning, the dishes are dried. Uniform and fast drying allow you to get the dishes without a single drip.

Also, washing dishes in the dishwasher ensures that they are 100% free of residue from cleaning agents. This allows you to use your dishes immediately after washing them without having to rinse them again.

The compact machine is great for trips, travel, and vacations away from home. It will provide clean and washed dishes regardless of location or power availability.

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SPT SD-9263W

SPT SD-9263WThis dishwasher for 8 sets of dishes comes with indispensable indicators. Thanks to them you will know that you need to refill the detergent tanks. This model has a built-in purity sensor.

So, you don’t have to choose the program of work of the device. This dishwasher detects the degree of soiling and determines the smallest water consumption.

Thanks to special technology, you will not encounter any residual moisture on kitchenware. Its special feature is that it opens the appliance door, allowing air circulation.

In this way, the dishes and the inner chamber of the model are naturally dried. With the delayed start function, you can clean dirty kitchenware at any time. It will automatically start the dishwasher at a time interval you set.

Besides, this model has a flowing water heater, which significantly reduces energy consumption. The interior space is well organized. There are two handy trays, but you can only use one without compromising on the quality of your washing. Moreover, there is a half load available.

At the beginning of the cycle with pre-wash, the machine sprays the dishes with water. The total number of programs – 6, temperature modes – 4.

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FAQ for portable dishwashers buyers:

Do portable dishwashers work as well?

A portable dishwasher works in almost any home, and in the right situation, it can clean more efficiently than a built-in. Portable dishwashers have more in common with built-ins than many realize. Moreover, they offer a few unique benefits, such as multipurpose tops that can be used for storage or preparing food.

Can you use a portable dishwasher with a pullout faucet?

Portable or countertop dishwashers have a hose that attaches temporarily to the faucet of your kitchen sink. This only works if your sink faucet has a threaded faucet spout. If removing the aerator isn’t an option, you will need to permanently plumb your dishwasher.

How does a portable dishwasher drain?

Portable dishwashers fill and drain through a special fitting called a uncouple that attaches to the spout of your kitchen faucet. You start the timer after attaching the uncouple fitting to the sink faucet, turning on the hot water, plugging in the machine, and loading the dishes.

Can you run a portable dishwasher overnight?

The dishwasher won’t run until the water in its reservoir reaches a certain temperature, and it gets to that temperature a lot faster if the water is hot to start with. After it’s done, you don’t have to worry about turning off the water or disconnecting the hose.