5 Best Portable Bidets (Under $10, $40)

A portable bidet is a small device for intimate hygiene, which allows not only to freshen up in time but also to give up wet wipes, halve the use of toilet paper. Good water-saving (compared to a regular bidet or shower) is a bonus.
Due to its small size, the device is convenient to carry and take on travels. By the way, you may need more portable equipment for travel, such as portable washing machines.

This thing will help out where there is no adequate sanitation: on a forest hike or in a public toilet (for example, you need to empty your menstrual cup). It will be an excellent helper for pregnant women, people with certain diseases, limited mobility, and for parents who need to change their child’s clothes on the run.

Best Portable Bidets Under $10


Peri Bottle

8.07 x 3.11 x 3.07 inches3.63 ounces

 phthalates & BPA

12.8 ozSee Best Price

Peri Bottle

8.11 x 2.99 x 2.99 inches4.2 ouncesNot Specified


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Add some intimate wash to clean even better. The portable bidet is a bottle with a nozzle to be filled with water of a comfortable temperature. When squeezed on a bottle with liquid, it produces a rinsing jet. The principle of operation is the same as in a conventional bidet or shower. Some of the devices run on batteries.

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1. Ella Tree Peri Bottle for Perineal After Birth Essential, Hemorrhoid Treatment, Portable Bidet

ellatree1One of the best budget-friendly portable bidets in the industry, the Ella Tree Peri Bottle Portable Bidet is great to be used on the go! It easily fits in a bag and your vehicle. The best feature of this portable bidet is that it has a nozzle that can be telescopically stowed inside the bottle for compact storage or putting in a purse.

When folded, the bidet is no more than seven inches long, so it is travel-friendly. To use the device is as easy as ABC – all you have to do is find water, fill the reservoir and squeeze for cleansing. The bottle of pea-green color is quite ergonomic due to the narrowing towards the middle of the body, which makes it very easy to hold with the hand.

And it is easy to squeeze as well. This means that you won’t have to strains the hand by putting force non-stop.
Despite its compactness and lightweight, the bottle has a not so small capacity of about 350 ml. Moreover, it is durable and features a neck seal to prevent a leak.

You can adjust the pressure of the stream with ease, just by altering force. And that is not all! The Ella Tree Portable Bidet is equipped with a discreet carrying bag so you can carry it anywhere with you. It allows you to conveniently and secretly carry the bidet with no wiser!

Looking through the reviews, we were unable to identify such cons that could not be attributed to nit-picking or personal preference. Have an Ella Tree Portable Bidet ready to go in your set of supplies helping you feel always prepared for anything.

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2. NINJA MAMA 15oz Portable Peri Bottle Bidet

perribottle1If you’re looking for a colorful unusual portable travel bidet spray, then perhaps the NINJA MAMA Portable Bidet sprayer will satisfy your fancy. The bidet is a fuchsia-colored bottle with a 7-inch long angled nozzle at the top to allow for efficient cleaning with no need for uncomfortable bending to get into the convenient position.

The bidet bottle is fairly easy to fill and use. Being gentle and adjustable pressurized, it is very durable as well. The capacity of the bottle at 450 ml ensures that you will hardly ever have to refill. Furthermore, the NINJA MAMA Portable Bidet bottle is pretty ergonomic, which makes it easy to squeeze.

No batteries and electronics may be a factor for those who are concerned with the environment! This is a truly ecologic choice for your traveling needs. The length of an angled nozzle ensures that you get a perfect aim every time you use it.


The bottle has been designed so that it does not need an air valve that might leak from the bottom. Another amazing feature of the NINJA MAMA Portable Bidet is that its nozzle can be retracted back into the reservoir at a simple tap. That means you can easily take the compact device anywhere you go.

What is more, the bottle is easy enough to set up and to use. One of the best portable travel bidets, the NINJA MAMA is great for personal cleansing anytime, anywhere. It can help people suffering from diseases like hemorrhoids, infections, and itching. The NINJA MAMA Portable Bidet water bidet is much more gentle than the toilet paper or wet wipes.

Still, according to the personal preference of some users, the water pressure when squeezing could be stronger. Some users are confused by a logo on carrying bags, as they consider the logo reveals the purpose of the content.

No such a problem with the NINJA MAMA brand: the name suggests that the content could be, for example, baby food or something.

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Best Portable Bidets Under $40


Peri Bottle

8.7 x 3.8 x 3.5 inches1.76 ounces


16.09ozSee Best Price


3.1 x 3.1 x 6.7 inches0.22 PoundsPlastic


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Mighty Rock

1.89 x 1.89 x 6.34 inches9.6 ouncesAbs


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3. WATERPULSE Peri Bottle 500ml for Postpartum Care, Portable Travel Bidet with 2 Nozzles

perribottle500When you want to travel in comfort, you would probably want a WATERPULSE Portable Travel Bidet for your hygiene. It ensures you can get clean even while plying a voyage. The travel bidet is so compact that you can easily put it in any bag, suitcase, or even a glove box.

Unlike other bottles, the WATERPULSE Portable Bidet does not need squeezing; it has a little button at the bottom, you press it, and the liquid will rinse at a constant speed. It is fairly easy to control it, and you won’t have the risk of letting your underneath get wet.

The bottle itself is quite ergonomic and looks nice. Its body of pleasant turquoise color is translucent, so you can see how full it is. The WATERPULSE Travel Bidet will, for sure last you for multiple uses, as it has a large reservoir, up to 500 ml. Two nozzles are included as well.

An angled one makes it much easier to clean without getting the bottle dirty. The straight one is more suitable for baby care. All you need is to fill the bottle with water, take off the cap, point, and press the button. Can adjust the position yourself for a posterior or a feminine wash.

The WATERPULSE Bidet is perfect for all occasions you can’t use a usual one! Its portability, as well as discreteness, make it so popular amongst users. Speaking of cons, some of the reviewers say that the stream could be a little stronger, but it’s ok for baby care, though.

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4. Frida Mom Upside Down Peri Bottle for Postpartum Care | Portable Bidet

The Frida Mom Peri Bottle Portable Bidet is an equally good travel bidet for males as well as females. It gives the customer a choice between two colors: lavender and light turquoise ones. The device is quite small, and together with the nozzle is less than seven inches long. And the bidet is quite easy to use as well.

frida1Even children and elderly people can use it themselves with no hassles. All you have to do is fill the Frida Mom Peri Bottle Bidet with some water, aim, and spray. The jar can hold up about 300 ml of water, which is quite all right for one time. It is BPA and phthalate-free, which is signified at the bottom of the bidet.

It’s of High-Density Polyethylene, and this plastic is one of the three ones considered to be safe and having a lower leaching risk. Furthermore, it is a long-lasting material, so the bottle is durable. It also allows for controlling the spray pressures. It is quite soft, so you can easily squeeze it (like silicone to the touch).

The harder you squeeze, the stronger the stream will be. The Frida Mom Portable Bidet comes with a nozzle that can spray water at about sixty degrees. This ensures a wide spraying pattern for better cleaning. The nozzle can collapse for storage.

It slides through the twist-on cap, so you can push the nozzle piece through the port on the cap and leave it out on a deck. Then any water left in will evaporate out and not become mildewy. If you need to use it on the go, no one will even notice it because of its discreet carrying bag.

It leaves one feeling very clean afterward, more than if you’d just used toilet paper or wipes. We found it great, especially for females, who often suffer bacterial growth and wish something gentle!

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5. Mighty Rock Meidong Portable Travel Personal Handheld Electric Mini Bidet

mighty1This esthetically pleasing Mighty Rock Meidong Portable Bidet holds 140 ml of water when full. It runs on two AAA batteries at an extremely long time, and when you turn it on at the press of a button, you do not need squeezing.

Thanks to its thin and long nozzle, which can be 180 degrees adjustable according to posture and habits, this bidet is best convenient for children and female hygiene, especially during menstruation. It has two buttons that regulate the speed of the spraying jet; high and low ones. It weighs less than ten ounces, which is quite pocket-friendly.

The transparent tank body allows you to monitor the remaining water level. The Mighty Rock Meidong Travel Bidet is awesome to use and is built very well. Sprayer part coated with soft plastic material, easy to clean and handle. It gives you just enough liquid to clean you one time, and the spray is forceful enough.

In terms of disadvantages, some believe the capacity offered is insufficient. Battery power can be a con for those concerned about the environment. And a flea bite: batteries are not included.

All in all, the Mighty Rock Meidong Mini Bidet is a lifesaver. Not only can it be a perfect solution for male and female travel hygiene, but an inestimable gift if any friends have a baby.

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FAQ for portable bidets buyers

1. Why can’t one use tap water to wash this device? I wonder how you can wash it then.

The instructions usually say to clean the parts with alcohol and the bottle with boiling water. We advise you to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for long and reliable product life.

2. What is the angle of inclination for the portable bidet nozzle?

They are usually angled at sixty degrees, considered the most universally convenient. The ones designed for babies are not angled and have a straight spray direction. There are models, whose nozzles are adjustable to a fairly wide amplitude.

3. So I can’t use the 60-degree bent adult spout when caring for a baby? Should I buy another one?

We assume it’s quite possible. You only need to choose a different position; for example, come up from a side when the baby is lying on his back.

4. Can I fill the bottle with water in advance, or do I need to look for a water source?

Well designed portable travel bidets do not leak while being used. However, the reviewers frequently note that leaks do occur when trying to keep water in them between uses.

We may conclude that such equipment cannot be used by pre-filling; it’s just not meant to be. Still, we believe that this is not a problem, even in areas without a tap, because we usually carry small bottles of drinking water with us, especially when traveling, don’t we?