7 Best Portable AM/FM Radio with Bluetooth for 2023

The outdoor season is approaching and one of the main problems is the lack of a network in the woods. This limits the use of the Internet which immediately eliminates the possibility to stay informed about the latest events and even listening to music on online streaming services.

Yet, in this review of the best portable AM/FM radio with Bluetooth for 2023, you will find a solution. These options will also allow you to produce music downloaded to your phone using a special connection.

Are you going on a trip? Then you will definitely need one of these best portable DVD players.

Our Top Picks:


Emergency Radio Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

  • Auto Scan
  • Waterproof
  • Super-Bright Flashlight
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PRUNUS-J-189-Bluetooth-AM-FM-RadioPRUNUS J-189
  • Perfect Sound Quality
  • Excellent Reception
  • Built-In Emergency¬†Flashlight
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Portable-Bluetooth-AM-FM-Radio-with-Best-ReceptionPortable Bluetooth AM FM Radio
  • Large Speak & Earphone Jack
  • Two Types of Power Source
  • Risk Free Guarantee
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1. Emergency Radio Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

The Libovgogo portable radio will be a real find for travelers and outdoor enthusiasts. Take it with you to make the trip comfortable and exciting.

By buying this radio, you become the owner of a flashlight, desk lamp, weather station, compass, and charger for electronic devices.

You can even use it to send out a distress signal. Everything you need is in one place and at your fingertips.

The radio body is made of waterproof materials, so you can safely use it in bad weather or when going down on the water.

The radio is compact in size and lightweight. It easily fits into any bag or backpack. A convenient and useful gift for those who love to travel, but appreciates the comfort.

Powerful speakers allow you to listen to music in all weather conditions. You will not interfere with the noise of the city and the splash of water. The built-in battery guarantees continuous operation for 20 hours. If you want, you can use it as a charger for your cell phone.

Connect via Bluetooth and listen to your favorite music from any electronic device. Bluetooth 5.0 allows you to have a fast and stable connection for a long time. The digital screen lets you keep track of the frequency. Give yourself the joy of travel with the Libovgogo portable radio.

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2. PRUNUS J-189 Bluetooth AM FM Radio

The Prinus J-189 portable radio will be your companion and helper for the long haul. Going on a long trip or just relaxing in the fresh air? Do you like high-quality things that please you with useful options?

Pay attention to this versatile model. Excellent value for money, extensive functionality, and stylish design. It has a small size and fits even in your pocket.

You can take it with you wherever you go and listen to your favorite radio station without interference. The radio also combines the functions of a flashlight and an MP3 player.

To use the player, connect a micro SD card or other device using USB and enjoy your favorite hits. You can use Bluetooth technology for this purpose. Connect headphones so that you do not disturb others when you are in a public place.

Thanks to the powerful battery, the radio can run for 12 hours without interruption. The antenna is located behind the carrying strap, so it does not interfere with the operation at all. Use the pocket flashlight if necessary.

The modern speaker provides excellent sound even in loud places. Automatic search will save you time and fix the necessary frequencies. You will not have to enter the data yourself every time you turn on the device. The Prinus J-189 will take listening to the radio to the next level.

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3. Portable Bluetooth AM FM Radio with Best Reception

Enjoy listening to your favorite radio stations with this portable radio from ONGTEED. Its retro design, excellent functionality, and many extra features will make it your favorite radio.

Simple and easy to operate, the radio will be your partner at work and companion at leisure. Listen to it anywhere, anytime.

The transistor radio is equipped with a large speaker, so the sound of the music will be perfect. You can always use headphones if you want. You can effortlessly connect to other devices thanks to Bluetooth technology.

The radio supports any electronic device: phones, tablets, laptops, and televisions. The largest distance is 30 feet. The transmission speed is high and the connection is stable and reliable.

The radio is easy to use, so it’s great for older radio amateurs. The frequencies are printed on a white background in large print, and the sound is adjustable with a small wheel.

The radio works on both mains and battery power. Take it with you when you want to go for a walk, go fishing, or sit by the fire. It weighs only 1.5 pounds and its small size allows you to pack the radio in any luggage. You get a one-year warranty when you buy the radio.

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4. AM FM Radio with Best Reception

AM/FM portable radio from Yewrich with extra features will be a useful acquisition for everyone without exception.

Looking for a good and useful gift? Want to buy a quality radio with extra features? Then this model is a good choice. Stylish design, a handy format, and a lot of secondary functions.

Excellent radio reception is guaranteed with the built-in DSP chip and adjustable antenna. Listen to your favorite music, sports programs, and children’s stories without interference or interruption.

The radio waves are available to the radio range from 87.5-108 MHz FM, AM- 520-1710 kHz. Use all available options for the greatest comfort. Through Bluetooth, you can connect instantly to your cell phone or tablet. Listen to what you want, anytime.

The powerful speaker doesn’t distort the music and transmits the sound as accurately as possible. You can listen to the radio even when you’re not nearby, and the sound is just as clear and understandable. Thanks to the speaker, you can listen to the radio, not only at home but also on the street. City noise will not affect the sound quality.

Portable Radio works both with batteries and from the mains. The radio requires 4 D-size batteries. The radio is made of high-quality and durable materials: it will last you for many years.

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5. Portable AM FM Radio with Bluetooth

The Yewrich Transistor Radio will easily take you back 20 years. It makes a great gift for the older generation. Its use is intuitive and the large font and details make listening to music more comfortable.

This model is almost exactly the same appearance as its ancestors, but its functionality will pleasantly surprise you. The radio supports 4 waveforms: AM, FM, SW1, and SW2.

Besides, a long antenna provides fast and stable radio reception. This model has a larger size, so even the elderly can use it on their own. The handy handle is designed for easy transportation.

The radio supports Bluetooth connection with other devices. Use this feature to have access to your favorite songs at any time. You can also connect electronic devices with the USB cord.

The excellent speaker transmits music without distortion or noise. You will get clear and accurate sound even in loud and noisy places. Use wired headphones when necessary. Use the mains charger when you’re indoors.

When traveling, you’ll only need 4 D batteries to keep listening to any programs and hits without interruption. This radio will make a useful and enjoyable gift for your loved ones.

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6. Ematic CD Boombox with AM/FM Radio

The Ematic EBB9224 audio player combines all the features you need. Listen to your favorite CDs, connect your phone and enjoy your favorite tracks with friends. Listen to the radio without any extra equipment.

Stylish design, excellent sound quality, and a clever array of options are sure to catch your eye. Choose from two color models and play your music to the fullest.

The audio player works both from the network and from batteries. Indoors you can plug it in but outdoors use 6 C batteries. Listen to the radio, music, and sports programs.

Play movies from your phone. A powerful microphone provides excellent hearing and allows you to communicate even at a long distance in the type of “hands-free”. Bluetooth communication is supported within 30 feet.

It is compact and powerful and can be used as a gift for any occasion. You can use it at home, at a party, or take it with you on a camping trip. Its features are not limited to just listening to CDs. The handy handle and small size allow you to take the player with you wherever you go. Make your life brighter with The Ematic EBB9224.

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7. Proscan Bluetooth Portable CD Radio Boombox with AM/FM Radio

The Proscan PRCD 682BT is a state-of-the-art Bluetooth radio. It is designed for those who just need to listen to their favorite music comfortably and without interference.

Its attractive appearance, easy operation, and durability make this radio a true bestseller.

Listen to CDs, use it as an MP3 player and listen to your favorite radio wave wherever you go. Your leisure time will become even more fun and enjoyable.

You can connect other devices with a cable or use Bluetooth technology. Then play hits from your personal selection, and listen to audio versions of movies and radio shows. The handy LCD screen displays your most important settings, so you’re in control. Adjust the volume at the touch of a button.

The receiver has built-in speakers and a telescopic antenna to improve radio frequency search. Plug in headphones and enjoy music alone. It can work as an MP3 player when your phone or tablet is connected. Thanks to innovative technology, the sound is reproduced accurately and without distortion.

The receiver can operate both on mains power and conventional batteries. Travel with your favorite music with Proscan PRCD 682BT.

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How do you use a portable radio?

To use a portable radio, first make sure that the power switch is in the “on” position. Then, if an antenna is attached to the radio, adjust it to get optimal reception. You can then select your station by tuning the dial on the radio until you find your desired channel. You can also adjust the volume by turning the knob. To save battery power, you may want to turn off your radio when not in use.

What should I look for in a portable radio?

When looking for a portable radio, there are a few important considerations you should keep in mind:

  • Battery life – Look for radios with long-lasting batteries and make sure to purchase replacement batteries if needed.
  • Portability – Whether you need the radio for camping trips or just a small area in your home, make sure the radio is light enough to take with you wherever you go.
  • Features – Make sure the portable radio includes features that suit your needs such as FM/AM reception, Bluetooth connectivity, and AUX input.
  • Durability – Look for radios made of high-quality materials that can withstand wear and tear.

How long do batteries last in a portable radio?

It depends on the type of battery used. Generally, alkaline batteries can last up to 10 hours in a portable radio while rechargeable batteries can last up to 20-28 hours. Some radios may have a built-in charger so you don’t have to buy and replace batteries as often.

How do I play radio through Bluetooth?

You can play radio through Bluetooth by connecting your device to a Bluetooth-enabled radio. To do this, first make sure that the Bluetooth function is turned on in both the device and the radio. Then, find the device’s Bluetooth settings and select the radio from the list of available devices. When the connection is established, you should be able to play radio through your device. In our case, we suggest you to use special Bluetooth portable radio systems.