7 Best Electric Pocket Knife Sharpeners 2023

The knife is an indispensable cutlery in the preparation of any dish. We use it several times a day, so this element of cookware quickly loses its main qualities. The blade becomes blunt and unfit for use. But you do not need to rush to the store to buy a new knife.

Just choose the option that suits you best among these best electric pocket knife sharpeners. Their main advantage is that the whole process is fully automated.

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Our Top Picks:


Presto 08810

  • 3-Stage Sharpening System
  • Blade Thickness Selector
  • Extra-fine-grit ceramic wheel
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Mueller-Professional-Electric-Knife-SharpenerMueller-Professional-Electric-Knife-SharpenerMueller Professional Electric Knife Sharpener
  • Ideal For Various Knives
  • Compact Design
  • Superior Quality
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Orange-Ninja-4-Stage-Knife-SharpenerOrange Ninja 4-Stage Knife Sharpener
  • Premium Quality
  • Sharpen a Wide Variety of Knives
  • 4 Slot System
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1. Presto 08810

Presto 08810 will allow you to easily and quickly sharpen all the blunt knives in the house.

Sharpen knives in three steps. Special blades fix the knife in the right position, thus ensuring a proper and fast process.

This sharpener is suitable for all types of knives, even if you have a Santoku knife in your kitchen. Thanks to the blade thickness function, this tool will determine the appropriate angle for sharpening the knife by itself.

You can also choose the desired sharpening mode yourself. Thick is good for hunting knives, medium is great for all kitchen options. The thin one is perfect for blades you use for peeling vegetables. The ceramic nozzle provides high-quality grinding.

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2. Mueller Professional Electric Knife Sharpener

This electric knife sharpener comes with a grinding and polishing function. Special blades ensure proper fixation and even sharpening.

The distinctive feature of this device is the diamond abrasives, which provide 100% sharpness of the knife blade. The device independently selects the right angle at which the best result will be achieved.

This sharpener has a new two-stage system of work. So, in the first stage, the device gives the necessary shape, and in the second stage, the sharpening and polishing take place.

The variety of metals that can be sharpened in this device is unlimited. So, it is ideal for stainless steel, ceramic, hard steel, and other materials. The whole process takes only a few seconds and requires no effort on your part.

At each step of sharpening you need to turn the blade to get maximum sharpness. It is also worth noting that the device will be handy for both right- and left-handed people.

The sharpener does not take up much space, as it is quite compact. It can be stored in any drawer in the kitchen or any other convenient place.

After sharpening, the knives do not lose their qualities and become as perfect as immediately after purchase. It is suitable for all types of knives and any thickness of blades. Mueller is a manufacturer whose quality you can be fully confident in due to many positive reviews.

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3. Orange Ninja 4-Stage Knife Sharpener

This special sharpener will ensure an even impact on every corner of the knife blade. This device will not only allow you to sharpen a blunt knife blade but also to correct bumps, sharpen serrated knives and polish the surface.

This tool has 4 modes, each of which can be switched manually. With the first one, you will bring back life to knives that have been prone to damage.

The second slot, which consists of diamond rods, is suitable for sharpening any knives. The third is used for polishing surfaces. The fourth mode comes in handy if you use knives with serrated surfaces.

In this case, each of the modes includes three sharpening steps. Thanks to the convenient handle, this device will be convenient for left- and right-handed people. The body is made of durable plastic, which prolongs the life of this sharpener.

The sharpener is compact, so it can be stored in any kitchen drawer. It will ensure quick and easy sharpening as well as perfect grinding of knives. They will last much longer and allow you to use exceptionally sharp knives for cooking.

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4. Narcissus Knife Sharpener

This electric sharpener will do everything for you and return the knives with the same appearance that was immediately after their purchase.

Using this sharpener is easy, so absolutely everyone can cope with it. You need to insert the knife at an angle and make sure it is tight against the outer wall.

Then pull the knife inwards to start the sharpening process. It only takes a couple of minutes, considering that the knives are sharpened with different intensities every 30 seconds.

Besides, this sharpener is completely safe, and with it, it is impossible to get injured while sharpening knives. It can be stored in any convenient place as it is quite compact.

This electric device can work uninterruptedly for 1 hour. During this time, you will definitely be able to sharpen all the knives in your kitchen. The process includes two stages of operation. The first stage is responsible for sharpening and the second one polishes the surface. You can also use this device for sharpening scissors.

It is worth noting that this tool will be a great solution for stainless steel knives. Otherwise, the manufacturer does not recommend using it for sharpening ceramic or serrated knives.

Narcissus offers a one-year warranty, during which you can replace the product in case of breakages that meet the regulations. You will also receive two years of free service. 

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5. YOORLEAY Knife Sharpener

This device is the perfect solution for straight-edge knives, ceramic and serrated knives. It can also be used for hunting and sports knives.

Thanks to the variety of functions and ease of use, it is suitable for home and professional kitchens.

The design offers a three-stage sharpening system. One on/off button is responsible for starting the process.

First, clamp the knife in the slot and pull it in one direction. To fully restore the sharpness of your knife, repeat the procedure three to five times.

The blade is processed evenly on all sides thanks to the correct fixation. This ensures that it is as sharp and flat as possible after all the sharpening steps. An extra step is polishing or grinding, which serves to make the knife smooth and shiny.

The first and second slots consist of a diamond grinding wheel. They are responsible for the sharpness of the blade. The third slot is made of ceramic and subjects the surface to polishing. It is worth noting that this device works safely and almost silently. So, you can use it at any time.

The case is made according to the latest trends, which makes the whole device attractive and ideal for a gift. The ergonomic handle makes it convenient for right- or left-handed people.

The manufacturer offers its customers a two-year product warranty. During this period, you can take advantage of free after-sales service. You can also return the product within 30 days for a full refund.

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6. Pocket Knife Household Electric Multi-Function Sharpener

This modern portable device will provide an even sharpening of the blade on all sides. This is due to the fact that the compartment of the knife of any size is fixed at the correct angle.

The design of this device makes it convenient to use for both left- and right-handed people. The body and comfortable handle are covered with a special non-slip rubber for maximum safety.

Two-stage sharpening system is possible thanks to the diamond abrasives used in the first stage and the fine abrasive system in the second stage. During the sharpening process, the angle changes automatically.

The first stage allows you to achieve perfect blade sharpness and grinding, while the second polish the surface, which prolongs the life of the knife. This device can also be used for knives with serrated surfaces.

Three-speed modes are a unique feature of this product. The first two are for small and medium-sized knives. Use the third mode for larger knives. Select the slot you want and run your knife blade through it. In just a few seconds the sharpening process will be complete.

The compact knife sharpener can be stored in any kitchen drawer because it takes up almost no space. The sharpener will last for many years and allow you to return your knives to their perfect condition.

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It will serve both as a knife sharpener and as a restoration of a curved blade. The tool is quite compact, so it will not take up much space. The sharpener is great for sharpening thin blades as well as serrated and thick blades.

This device is suitable for knives made of any material, including ceramics. It has crossed carbides, which allows you to set the edge of the knife correctly.

The ceramic blades provide fine sharpening to a perfect finish. If you use serrated knives, you will be pleased with the presence of a special diamond-coated rod.

It will also help correct blade irregularities, allowing you to bring back the performance of any knife. Such a tool will provide quality sharpening for a blade that has completely fallen into disrepair.

This sharpener can be used for all types of knives, including kitchen and sports knives. The tool’s soft and non-slip handle makes it easy to use.

This device is unique in that it is fashionable to use on camping, hunting, or fishing trips. If you use it outdoors, you will definitely need the built-in flame thrower and whistle with the highest volume. Also worth noting is the portability of this device. Thanks to its compact design, you can even put it in your pocket and use it anywhere. 

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How do you use a pocket electric knife sharpener?

Using a pocket electric knife sharpener is easy and efficient. It takes only minutes to sharpen a dull knife, restoring it to its original sharpness and allowing you to use it safely. Here are the basic steps for using an electric knife sharpener:

  1. Place the electric knife sharpener securely on a stable surface.
  2. Ensure that your knife’s blade is aligned with the groove in the sharpener’s grinding wheel.
  3. For some models: Choose the type of knife you’re planning to sharpen
  4. Turn on the machine and slowly pass the knife over several times, making sure to alternate sides of the blade as you go.
  5. Turn off the machine, wipe away any debris and test your newly-sharpened blade by cutting through a piece of paper or cardboard.

Pocket Electric Knife Sharpeners vs Manual Knife Sharpeners

SpeedFaster sharpening time due to electric motor.Slower sharpening time as it requires manual effort.
PrecisionCan achieve a very precise edge with the help of an electric motor and guided rods.Can achieve a precise edge, but may require more effort and skill than an electric sharpener.
CostGenerally more expensive than manual sharpeners due to the cost of the electric motor and other components.Generally less expensive than electric sharpeners, as they do not require any additional components.

Do knife sharpeners damage knives?

Knife sharpeners can damage knives if not used correctly. Rough stone or ceramic surfaces can produce a ragged, uneven edge, and using a knife incorrectly or for the wrong purpose can also cause harm to the blade. It is important to use the correct sharpening system for your knife, as well as store it properly in order to avoid any damage. A whetstone with 1000 grit is recommended for treating damaged blades or dull blades.