9 Best Compact Binoculars (Comparison & Reviews)

The binoculars allow a detailed examination of objects that are far away from the observer. When selecting, attention is paid to magnification, lens diameter, prism type, and output pupil value. They are a great tool for camping, fishing, or hunting.

When making the rating of the best compact binoculars, we took into account not only these parameters but also the price-quality ratio, taking into account the preferences of users and the company that released the product.

This item has the best price and quality:

Our Top Pick
Nikon PROSTAFF 3S 10x42 1

Nikon PROSTAFF 3S 10x42

The waterproof and misting-proof design in a compact and convenient casing is the best solution for nature observation.

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The list of the other great compact binoculars with a comparison of the main characteristics:

ItemMagnificationDimensionsObjective Lens Diameter Weight
Nikon PROSTAFF 3S 10x42 1

Nikon PROSTAFF 3S 10x42

103.23 x 6.14 x 7.09 inches42mm0.25 lbsSee Best Price
Pentax 8.5x21 U-Series Papilio II 1

Pentax 8.5x21 U-Series Papilio II


4.57 x 2.10 x 4.33 inches21mm0.65 lbsSee Best Price
Nikon 16000 PROSTAFF 7S 8x30 1

Nikon 16000 PROSTAFF 7S 8x30

84.70 x 4.80 x 1.20 inches30mm0.91 lbsSee Best Price
Pentax UP 8x21 3


83.75 x 2.25 x 4.50 inches21mm0.70 lbsSee Best Price
Carl Zeiss Terra 8х25 ED 1

Carl Zeiss Terra 8х25 ED

89.50 x 6.70 x 4.00 inches25mm0.68 lbsSee Best Price
Nikon ACULON A30 10X25 1

Nikon Aculon A30 10x25

104.50 x 4.80 x 1.00 inches25mm0.61 lbsSee Best Price
Steiner BluHorizons Binoculars 1

Steiner BluHorizons Binoculars

81.80 x 4.60 x 4.00 inches22mm1.00 lbsSee Best Price
Pentax AD 8x25 WP 1

Pentax AD 8x25 WP

81.60 x 4.10 x 4.34 inches0mm0.60 lbsSee Best Price
Leupold BX-4 Pro Guide HD 2

Leupold BX-4 Pro Guide HD

103.10 x 7.70 x 6.30 inches40mm1.30 lbsSee Best Price

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Nikon PROSTAFF 3S 10×42

Nikon PROSTAFF 3S 10x42 1The binoculars Nikon Prostaff 3Ѕ 10×42 is a novelty in the line of sports observational optics, with a wide field of view and grain of gray color.

It is intended for observing during the day, at dawn, and in the seasons. This is a good buy for the study of the life of nourishing and predatory birds, suitable for sea sport and fishing.


The casing is made of polycarbonate, for the sake of safety, it is refined with glass fiber. This material has a density of 1.18 g/cm3, increased wear and tear, and a constant temperature range. Rubber treatment prevents the device from mechanical damage and minor injuries.

The case has the functions of dust, moisture, and water resistance. The device can even withstand immersion in a pond. Filling with rarefied nitrogen prevents fogging of the lenses during sudden temperature changes. Ergonomic grooves and external rubber coating provide extra grip on the palms. There are also tripod mounting threads and neck strap holders.Nikon PROSTAFF 3S 10x42 2

The Nikon Prostaff 3Ѕ 10×42 is a water-resistant device. It is reliably protected from atmospheric hazards and water and withstands 10 minutes of stay.

Moreover, filling the internal space with oxygenated nitrogen prevents the lenses from overflowing 95-98% of the air humidity in the environment.

Swivel-retractable eyeglasses with multі-сlісk function remove the divine light and help to correctly adjust the eye to the angle of the lens.

15 mm output is adequate for comfortable observation in glasses. The central focus adjusts the image quality to the eye at the same time.


Modern Roof-prisms with silver coating, lenses are fully coated in several layers. Objectives diameter 42 mm, magnification 10 times. Wide field of view of 7 degrees.

Nikon PROSTAFF 3S 10x42 3The optical system Roof uses a pair of without shifting the optical axis and with an increased beam path. This is done by binoculars with Rоf-level and compact prisms.

When applied to the reflective surface of the silver test with a reflection coefficient of 95-97%, the brightness and color accuracy are improved. Many lens illuminations reduce light emission and enhance image contrast.

Focus mechanism

Classic center focusing, perfect even for observing fast-moving subjects. These binoculars also have diopter change for the right eyepiece. Swivel-retractable eyecups, allowing for the use of binoculars with glasses. The smallest focusing distance is only 3 meters.

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Pentax 8.5×21 U-Series Papilio II

Pentax 8.5x21 U-Series Papilio II 1The PENTAX Papilio is a series of binoculars. With them, in addition to being able to see objects in the distance, you can see something very close and on a large scale.

The word “Papilio” in Latin means “butterfly” and you will also see a picture of a butterfly on your binoculars. The meaning of the name is that one of the great things these binoculars do is observe insects, which you can view on a large scale. This is usually not possible with conventional binoculars as they have the smallest focusing distance of a few meters.


Despite their small size and weight, as well as their low price, the PENTAX Papilio II 8.5 × 21 binoculars have a high quality. The accompanying leather case suggests that these are not really budget binoculars. This is the second version of binoculars. The binoculars differ from the previous model with a new coating of all surfaces. So that there are less glare, higher contrast, and light transmission.

The shape of the binoculars is ergonomic with indentations for the fingers. The distance between the eyes is easy to adjust. It is quite large, although not the largest.


The lens diameter of the PENTAX Papilio II is 8.5 × 21 21 mm, which is relatively small. But this also makes it lightweight and compact. Each type of binoculars is tailored to its needs. Here, the lightweight and compactness allow the PENTAX Papilio II 8.5 × 21 to stay with you always. Even when you go to the mountains, and certainly will not burden you on the hike.

The exit pupil diameter is important for observing objects in the dark. The fact is that the diameter of the light beam must be equal to or larger than the diameter of the pupil of our eye. Then you can get the largest from the lens aperture.Pentax 8.5x21 U-Series Papilio II 2

The diameter of the exit pupil is determined by dividing the lens diameter by the multiplicity. So for the PENTAX Papilio II 8.5 × 21, the exit pupil diameter will be 2.47 mm.

Thus, we can conclude that the PENTAX Papilio II 8.5 × 21 is designed for daylight hours when your pupil is small.

If you are a beginner, then do not forget to make the correction for your eyes, otherwise, you will not have a clear picture.

How to make a correction – focus on the left eye on the object while closing the right one. Ideally, the lens should be on a tripod so that the aiming distance does not change.

Now, without changing the position of the binoculars, close your left eye and rotate the diopter setting for the right one until the picture becomes as clear as that of the left. That’s it, the correction is set. Now you only have to turn the focusing ring.

By the way, if you wear glasses, the good news is that the eye relief is 15 mm, so you can work with glasses.

The PENTAX Papilio II 8.5×21 binoculars have lenses located quite close, so you should not expect strong binocularity.

Covers protect the eyepieces, and a glass multi-coated plate protects the front lenses of the objectives.

Focus mechanism

The PENTAX Papilio II 8.5×21 has a central focusing. It is what most users are used to and have used at least once in their lives. It comes with a wheel in the middle of the binoculars that must be turned to achieve sharpness. The main focus difference of the PENTAX Papilio II 8.5×21 is that you can focus very close, up to 50cm.

Interestingly, the lenses move closer when focusing. It allows maintaining binocularity even when focusing at a short distance. Any binoculars can be focused at close range, but with the usual design, the picture will be double. Only with the help of COSE, it is possible to achieve a normal picture.

Pentax 8.5x21 U-Series Papilio II 3These binoculars have a pretty decent magnification for handheld operation without a stabilizer. The multiplicity of 8.5 means that you will see an object at a distance of 100 m as if it is 12 meters away from you.

Binoculars with a magnification of 2-4 times have low magnification, 6-8 have a medium magnification, and 10-12-16 have high magnification.


The binoculars are not declared water-resistant, so do not get water inside the binoculars. Besides, the binoculars come with rubberized pads, so that light splashes will not damage it.

The PENTAX Papilio II 8.5 × 21 is a high quality small binocular that will fit most. It doesn’t need to be compared to expensive models or specialized marine or hunting binoculars.

Its main field of application is a hobby. With it, you do not need to painfully think about how much space it will take in your backpack since it is compact and suitable for the whole family. Despite its small size, the PENTAX Papilio II 8.5 × 21 has pretty good optics.

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Nikon 16000 PROSTAFF 7S 8×30

Nikon 16000 PROSTAFF 7S 8x30 1Nikon Prostaff 7Ѕ 8×30 is a first-class optical device. The engineers of the Nikon Company had the task of making a practical, easy-to-beat bino at a relatively unbeatable price.

The fully refined operating system with a natural ergonomics fits easily into the hand. It also allows you to manipulate the sharpness settings.

The internal optical channels of the casing are filled with hydrogenated nitrogen. Thanks to good pressurization, the binoĸl is able to withstand immersion in water at depth for up to 1 meter for ten minutes.

The body of the binoculars is made of composite material and rubberized, which helps to protect against mechanical shocks.


This is all-weather binoculars, executed in a fully hermetic and impact-resistant outer casing from modern opposite materials. The crumbled operation effectively prevents the bino from ejection, even with a lot of water. It also possesses the ability to extinguish the energy of small hits in the event of a fall.


The optical scheme of the Nikon Prostaff 7Ѕ 8×30 binoculars is based on the Roof prism, made from an eco-logical glass and Vak-4. It does not contain lead and arsenic. For all the perfect optical elements, a multi-layered illuminating experience is applied. It ensures the passage of the largest amount of light. This is a guarantee for users of getting a high-definition and clear image of the deleted objects.Nikon 16000 PROSTAFF 7S 8x30 2

The optics are made of proprietary Eco-glass. The lens coating is phase-correcting on the basis of silver, multilayer antireflection. The lens diameter is 30 mm, the larger this diameter, the more the lens collects light. This way you get faster optics.

The exit pupil diameter is 3.8 mm. Ideally, this diameter should correspond to the largest dilation of the human pupil – 7 mm. It will allow observing through binoculars even at night.

For daytime observation, 3.5 – 4 mm is enough, since during the day the person’s pupil narrows. If you like twilight observation, then choose 8×42, if night – 7×50.

Exit pupil protrusion: 15.4 mm. Relative brightness 14.4. The field of view at a distance of 1000 meters is 114 meters. Smallest focusing distance: 2.5 meters.

The high-quality experience is reliably protected even during inadvertent use. The wide bridging connection provides extra rigidity and helps to preserve the settings of the binoculars. For example, the displayed distance between the objects.

Focus mechanism

Nikon 16000 PROSTAFF 7S 8x30 3Performing performance on remote objects is to be produced with the help of a phono drum. The mechanism of the central photo is smooth running and will allow you to produce accurate performance even in winter printing.

With the help of the bino Nikon Prostaff 7Ѕ 8×30, you can, without losing the image, follow the fast-moving objects in the vicinity of them or look at them.

A dioptric optimization of the right eyepiece will allow people to adjust the optical parameters. Removing the output light by 15.5 mm allows you to observe what is happening around, without gazing at the device tightly.

The regulation of inter-adult growth is in the range of 56-72 mm. The binoĸl can be customized once and kept ready at all times.

These binoculars are ready to use under the most unfavorable conditions. You can be completely sure that Nіkоn Prostаff 7Ѕ 8х30 will never let you know.

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Pentax UP 8x21 3UP series binoculars are compact, lightweight, and highly mobile. They also maintain good optical performance. Among all PENTAX UP 8×21 series binoculars, it is one of the most compacts.

All lenses of the binoculars have a proprietary multi-lightening and provide high image contrast. The design of each binocular lens includes 2 elements in 1 group. The ocular has 5 elements in 5 groups.


PENTAX UP 8×21 uses the PORRO prism to normalize the image and shorten the length of binocular lenses. A larger multiplicity of binoculars is achieved by increasing the focal length of the optic tubes. If there were no prism, the binoculars would be much longer.

A prism makes the rays longer by breaking them, thus allowing the same optical instrument to be shorter. Besides, if there were no prisms, we would see the image inverted horizontally and vertically. With such an image, it is very difficult to follow the object under observation. The two prisms inside the binoculars unfold the image into our usual form.

Pentax UP 8x21 4

The PORRO prism makes the binoculars wider. It also enhances the 3D effect of the image in the binoculars by increasing the distance between the front lenses of the binoculars.

Due to the greater binoculars in PORRO binoculars, it is easier to determine the distance to the object of observation.

When using PORRO prisms, the optical elements are not on the same axis. So the binoculars must be handled with greater care so as not to disturb the alignment.

Thanks to the PORRO prism type, the PORRO prism binoculars initially produce a contrasting and sharp image. They do not have any ROOF prism problems that need correction.

PENTAX UP 8×21 has hybrid aspherical elements in the eyepiece design. This allows you to maintain the image quality that is visible to the observer not only in the center but also at the edges of the image.

Focus mechanism

The PENTAX UP 8×21 binoculars have a central focusing ring. It is large enough and grooved enough to be easily found to the touch without leaving your eyepieces open.

PENTAX UP 8×21 binoculars can suit your vision in a wide range, correction of dioptres +/-4 D.

Pentax UP 8x21 2With the help of a ring on one of the eyepieces, you adjust the dioptre for your eye with the central ring. It is located between the two optic tubes of the binoculars, you focus on the object itself.

Central focusing is a very precise and convenient type of focusing. This allows the PENTAX UP 8×21 to focus on the subject from 2.8 m up to infinity. This smallest focusing distance is a great advantage in operation.

It is possible to use PENTAX UP 8×21 binoculars with glasses. For this purpose, the eyepieces of the binoculars are retractable.

They come with intermediate positions for more precise individual change. But, the binoculars have a low projection of the output pupil (9.5 mm), which is less convenient for use with glasses.

PENTAX UP 8×21 binoculars have no moisture protection, so use them with caution in wet weather.

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Carl Zeiss Terra 8х25 ED

Carl Zeiss Terra 8х25 ED 1Carl Zеisѕ Terra ED Pocket 8×25 is an ultra-light and lightweight binoculars weighing 310 grams. This is a “Hamanny” option for naturalists, travelers, climbers, and lovers of exclusions.

The quality of Zeis is observed in every detail. Optimal weight and ergonomics, 8-cycle power, and first-rate display even in low-light conditions.

Terra ED is an option, so without a problem, you can sit in the blue or the river, and go with you to try the mountain tops, move around or start the fire.

With these “pocket” binoculars, the company is expanding its democratic range of TERRA devices. They involve more and more users in the world of high-quality ZEISS optics. The binoculars are intended primarily for outdoor enthusiasts.

The Zeiss 10×25 TERRA ED POCKET binoculars provide the observer with a very wide panoramic view with high contrast, excellent image detail, and incredible optical quality. This high level of quality is possible thanks to the use of special ED optical glass with extra-low dispersion, Zeiss patented AR coatings and precision glass processing.


The TERRA ED POCKET binoculars use the most compact body layout of any conventional design – with two parallel hinges. The binoculars’ tubes are connected through these hinges to a solid central bridge. There are hidden mechanisms for central focusing and diopter change of the right optical channel.

The body is sealed, the interior includes nitrogen and free from moisture. When placed in water, the binoculars will withstand external pressure up to 100 mbar, and such troubles as rain and fog are not a problem for them. The case is lined with durable and pleasant to the touch plastic and rubber inserts. The coverings are resistant to temperature extremes from -20 ° to + 63 ° C and do not slip in the hand.Carl Zeiss Terra 8х25 ED 2

The unbreakable operation remains hermetic in extreme weather conditions. It will withstand immersion in water up to 1 meter deep.

To protect parts and optical elements from moisture, nitrogen fills the outside space. The thickness of the lenses remains dry from the inside and does not heat up even when the temperature is lowered.


The eyepieces of the Carl Zeiss 10×25 TERRA ED POCKET binoculars are equipped with swivel-retractable eyecups with locking in extreme positions.

They provide a comfortable position of the binoculars relative to the observer’s eyes. Let us remind you that if you are observing with glasses, you don’t need to put out the eyecups, and if you need your free eyes, it’s much more convenient.

In all weather conditions, the binoculars Terra ED will provide a clear and contrasting image with real depth and color. The SNOTT ED glass with ultra-low dispersion minimizes the characteristic aberrations.

They also drop the characteristic of the position and the improvement. The cured illuminating experience of the Zeiss MC increases the light transmission. It is distinguished by long-term durability and erasability. Due to the hydrophobic properties of the lens, the lens gets less stained. Thus, fingerprints and dirt are removed without a trace.

Focus mechanism

Carl Zeiss Terra 8х25 ED 3The wide field of view gives an interesting panoramic view and simplifies the observation of moving objects. Terra ED Pocket 8×25 focuses at a distance of 1.9 meters.

Swivel-retractable overhangs are fixed in 4 positions: top, bottom, and two intermediate positions. Look at the world without eyes – push both eyes to the top. Do you wear glasses? Then aim your eyes until you are in the lower position and enjoy the views.

Binoculars set

In addition to the binoculars themselves, in the box, you will find an elegant plastic case of the original design. There is also a shoulder strap for carrying the device, and a textile storage case. And also a simple visual instruction for the user.

A special system and the original design with two parallel hinges ensured the largest efficiency. With the help of hinges, the bino-yarn tubes are connected to the metal central bridge. Inside the bridge are the mechanisms of the central focus and the dioptric operation of the right eye.

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Nikon Aculon A30 10×25

Nikon ACULON A30 10X25 1All models of the NIKON ACULON A30 series include ergonomic design, a durable rubber finish, and high-quality performance.

Binoculars Nikon Asulon A30 10×25 is a perfect gift and an indispensable need for everyone who loves to observe the life of animals and birds. This model is also suitable for sports fans and theatre’s fillings.

Binoculars of the Nikon Asulon A30 series can be worn with it in a small or small bag because it is always at hand. For example, to study the details of architecture memorials, or to consider an interesting bird.


A safe rubber bath will allow you to reliably hold your appliance even in damp conditions. It also provides more protection against unpleasant external conditions and mechanical damage.

The aluminum alloys used in the Nikon Aculon A30 10×25 body have good processing properties, thermal and electrical conductivity, and low density. This significantly reduces the weight of the device and increases its strength. Optical parts and mechanisms are not at risk of corrosion, deformation, and external mechanical damage.Nikon ACULON A30 10X25 2

The Nikon Aculon A30 10×25 binoculars are compact and lightweight. Thus, you can carry them wherever you go. The protective rubber coating provides a comfortable and secure grip. The extended eyepoint greatly enhances the viewing pleasure.

The Nikon Aculon A30 binoculars not only feature crystal clear images, but also stylish design and lightweight. The Nikon Aculon A30 10×25 is available in black and silver with an elegant aluminum finish.


Lightweight and compact combined with flawless optics. These binoculars will fit travelers and outdoor enthusiasts. As well as fans of theaters music concerts, and fans.

The optics are based on Roof prisms, making these binoculars incredibly compact and easy to seal. The Aculon A30 10×25 is sure to be your companion on any trip and at any event.

To increase the light transmission capacity of the optical system, a multi-layer glowing test is applied on the surface of all lenses. This will allow you to get a rich, intuitive image with a natural color transmission, without any losses or aberrations.

Nikon ACULON A30 10X25 3When creating the binoculars, manufacturers took into account its environmental component. No lead was used in the manufacture of optics, as well as no arsenic impurities. It also provides natural color reproduction without any distortion.

Focus mechanism

The model is simple in control and mood. The system of central photography and the ability to regulate the inter-adult length provides a good observation.

ACULON A30 binoculars keep you at the center of the action. Follow sports with a 25mm lens and multi-coated lenses for large, bright, and clear images.

Travel across distant countries and surrounding forests. Explore the world around you in all its diversity, admire the beauty of wildlife with Nikon Aculon A30 binoculars.

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Steiner BluHorizons Binoculars

Steiner BluHorizons Binoculars 1The Steiner Bluhorizons 8×22 binoculars are part of the BluHorizons series. These are the world’s first binoculars with auto-dimming glasses.

The Steiner Bluhorizons 8 × 22 binoculars are very small in size, and if the lenses are moved, they will even fit in a pocket. When folded, the Steiner Bluhorizons 8 × 22 has a very small interpupillary distance.


The upper part of the binoculars is made of aluminum alloy.

There is a sign on the front that indicates the use of Autobright ™ technology. This allows you to change the amount of light transmitted through the binoculars. The front lenses have a noticeable blue flare.

Also, notice the large focus ring. For such a small binocular, it is generally wonderful. It allows you to very accurately adjust the focus and easily find it with your fingers when you look through the binoculars. On the rubberized surface, you can see the diamond ribbing that prevents the binoculars from slipping in your hands.

The binoculars have two “loops”, that is, the inclination of each side of the binoculars relative to the hinge is carried out separately. This makes the binoculars super compact, but also requires care when unfolding them. Both hinges should be equally spaced.

The Steiner Bluhorizons 8 × 22 binoculars have a universal neck strap attachment with carabiners.

These binoculars are equipped with hypoallergenic silicone soft eyecups to protect against light. This can reduce the contrast of the visible image and, indeed, the Sun shining from the side greatly interferes with observations. These shutters at STEINER are foldable.

The “roll-up” on the eyepiece and does not interfere with viewing in semi-darkness or with glasses when the shutters are not needed. Interestingly, the Steiner Bluhorizons 8×22 eyecups are thicker and softer. For this reason, using binoculars has become even more enjoyable.Steiner BluHorizons Binoculars 2


The optics of the Steiner Bluhorizons 8 × 22 binoculars are coated, which is clearly visible in the colored highlights.

Coating provides high contrast and minimizes glare. This is important both during the day and at night.

The binoculars come with a prism so that you can see the picture as usual. Today there are two types of binocular prisms: ROOF prism and PORRO prism.

Binoculars look very different depending on the prism used. Binoculars with ROOF prisms are usually long and narrow, while binoculars with PORRO prisms are short and wide.

The Steiner Bluhorizons 8×22 uses a ROOF prism. It makes the binoculars narrow and light but gives a relatively “flat” image. At the same time, the ROOF prism allows precise focusing over a wide range of distances. The magnification indicates the scale of the object that you see in the eyepiece.

Steiner Bluhorizons 8×22 has a magnification of 8x and a lens diameter of 22 mm. Magnification 8 is binocular with medium magnification. This magnification is more than enough for observing most objects.

The diameter of the lenses, as in the case of lenses, gives the aperture of binoculars. The image in the eyepiece is brighter than comparable binoculars with smaller lens diameters.

The 22mm lens diameter is a small diameter that gives a bright enough picture to work in the morning, afternoon, and early evening. For night walks, of course, it is better to choose binoculars with a large exit pupil. In general, taking into account the Autobright technology, the Steiner Bluhorizons 8×22 binoculars are more designed for daylight hours and sunny weather.

In bright sunny weather, Steiner Bluhorizons 8 × 22 will reduce the amount of excess light entering the eye. Auto bright technology will allow you to set the optimal level of illumination of the image to distinguish the largest amount of detail.

Steiner BluHorizons Binoculars 3Focus mechanism

Steiner Bluhorizons 8 × 22 binoculars have center focusing. Here, using the ring on one of the eyepieces, you adjust the diopters for your eye. With the central ring, which is located between the two telescopes of the binoculars, you focus on the object itself.


The Steiner Bluhorizons 8 × 22 binoculars are declared IPX4. The standard provides for two numbers, one handles dust protection, and the second is for moisture protection.

The dust protection number is replaced with an “X”. It means that the dust protection has not been tested. Dust can get inside over time, this is normal for household appliances. But the last figure is moisture protection. It can range from 0-8. 8 is complete tightness. 4 stands for protection against splashes and dust, that is, you can walk in the rain, but you cannot dip into the water.

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Pentax AD 8×25 WP

Pentax AD 8x25 WP 1Superior optical performance, waterproof design, ergonomics. A compact design that fits easily into your pocket combines all these characteristics.

The PENTAX AD 8×25 WP binoculars will become your faithful companion on a trip, on a walk, at a football match or a concert.

Thanks to the all-weather design, the binoculars are resistant to moisture – fog, rain, or snow will not interfere with your observation.

Anyone who has ever used the PENTAX AD 8×25 WP binoculars notes the accurate color reproduction and vividness of the picture, as in reality.

It has improved light transmission technology. This allows the prisms to send light waves of different wavelengths. Moisture resistance and excellent observing characteristics make this model popular among budget binoculars.


Thanks to the increased sealed housing, these binoculars boast the sixth class of moisture protection. Thus, you will not only be able to conduct observations in high humidity. But also not be afraid for the optics if you accidentally drop the binoculars into the water. And even in sub-zero temperatures, the PENTAX AD 8×25 WP will still be effective. The nitrogen filling prevents the glass from fogging, keeping the picture clear and crisp.


The compact roof prisms are made of high-quality BaK-4 barium crown for a smooth and round exit pupil. There is no picture vignetting. That is, the image turns out to be equally clean and bright both in the center and at the edge of the field of view. Besides, a phase-correcting coating is applied to the prisms. It reduces the light loss that occurs when light rays are reflected.Pentax AD 8x25 WP 2

The optical surfaces come with a multilayer antireflection coating. It increases the light transmission of the optics and, accordingly, the brightness of the image.

A special feature of PENTAX binoculars is an optimized AR coating layer technology. This coating provides the same light transmittance for different wavelengths of visible light, resulting in vibrant, natural colors.

High-contrast and crisp images from the center to the edges of the picture are made possible by the proprietary multi-layer anti-reflective lens coating.

Besides, even in budget models such as the PENTAX AD 8×25 WP, there is a roof prism phase coating. Other manufacturers offer this technology only in premium binoculars.

There is the multi-layer antireflection coating of the optics to increase the light transmittance of the lenses. As well as to drop parasitic reflections. Also, its use increases the brightness, clarity, and contrast of the image. Such a coating is applied to absolutely all surfaces of each optical structural element.

All Pentax binoculars come with high-refractive-index BaK4 optical prisms. This makes it possible to get a perfectly flat and clean image without darkening around the edges.

Focus mechanism

To adjust the sharpness, there is the internal focusing mechanism, which allows you to get a clear picture in both eyepieces at once. There is a possibility of diopter correction. The binoculars have a large eye relief, so it is convenient to look through them even with glasses.

The internal focusing function greatly enhances the reliability of the binoculars. It prevents dust and moisture from getting inside, protecting the device from external influences.

Pentax AD 8x25 WP 3Waterproof

There is a sealed housing. Thus, dust, dirt, and moisture will not get inside the device. The binoculars are able to withstand short-term drops into the water to a depth of 1 meter.

The construction includes nitrogen to protect the optical surfaces from condensation. Even with sudden temperature changes, the lenses do not fog up, and the picture remains clear.

This compact binoculars will not burden you even on a long trip but will allow you to view the surroundings. With it, you can observe animals, admire the performance of a star, and at the same time not be afraid of rain or fog.

This device is not only mobile but also very functional. It will be useful both for experienced tourists and ordinary people interested in what is happening in the distance. You can easily carry the PENTAX AD 8×25 WP in your pocket without even feeling its weight.

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Leupold BX-4 Pro Guide HD

Leupold BX-4 Pro Guide HD 2These are binoculars for those cases when you need an assistant who will not delay during a tiring hunt far from civilization. Optimal optics for the worst lighting conditions.

The BX-4 Pro Guide HD gives you those extra most important moments at sunrise or sunset when the best shot of your life happens. A clear image at dusk is not a dream, reality.


The ergonomic design of the BX-4 Pro Guide HD with grooves on the sides of the body fits quick use on demand. The binoculars fit well in the hand and do not slip out.

The aluminum base allows you to keep the appropriate weight without sacrificing the resistance to extreme use. The binoculars are not at the risk of water, temperature collisions, and fog.


In the BX-4 Pro Guide HD series of binoculars, optics is the main part. There is everything here to achieve high detail even stronger after the hunt should officially end. The optical design captures the poorest light. And precisely so that the hunter himself could decide when to stop, and not the evening would force him to leave with nothing.

High Definition optical calcium fluoride glass is capable of reproducing natural colors with high resolution. Multilayer coating on all optical surfaces provides an exceptional level of light flux for the magic of the Twilight Max HD system to work.

Besides, it eliminates glare and stray light with a notch on the inner walls of the optical channels. The selection of the correct prisms made of BaK 4 glass eliminates geometric distortions at the edges of the image.

Taken together, all these components create ideal conditions for twilight work, at the right time when animals are most active.

The image in an optical device depends on how much light the lenses are able to send. The problem is that in the evening the light of the “green” wavelengths practically disappears from the spectrum.

Leupold BX-4 Pro Guide HD 3The remaining light corresponds to the “blue” and “red” wavelength range (violet spectrum). In such conditions, the hunter ceases to clearly see the target, especially at a long distance.

Leupold engineers have achieved the largest light transmission in the blue and red spectrum. They combined glass grades, lens thicknesses, and ultra-precise coatings.

The result is a Twilight Max HD system that delivers the ultimate possible contrast through accurate color balance. It provides exceptional brightness and sharpness in all lighting situations.

Special mechanical structures in the optical channels control glare. Thanks to these exclusive Leupold benefits, the user can see the details of the environment in minimal light from dawn to dusk.

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FAQ for compact binoculars buyers:

What is the difference between binoculars with ROOF and PORRO prisms?

PORRO prismed binoculars are considered a classic design. In them, the lens or front lens is shifted relative to the optical axis of the eyepiece. The system of PORRO prisms provides a greater depth of perception and a wider field of view. The ROOF prism system provides direct light transmission through a complex system of reflectors. Binoculars with ROOF prisms are more reliable and robust than similar models with PORRO prisms.

In the specification of some binoculars has a line “fill with nitrogen”. What is it and what does it affect?

Filling the prisms of your binoculars with dry nitrogen allows you to remove oxygen particles that are part of water molecules from the internal elements of your binoculars. This prevents the particles from settling on the inner surfaces of the lenses. The binoculars filled with nitrogen are completely sealed.

Why do I need a binocular bracket?

Big size binoculars are difficult to use without a tripod bracket: hands get tired, the image may start to “shake”. The binoculars bracket will take the load and pass it on to the tripod.

Which binoculars give a brighter picture?

If you are guided primarily by the ability of the device to collect light, you should first of all pay attention to the diameter of the lens and the coating of optical parts. The larger the lens diameter, the more light the binoculars will collect. However, if you choose between coatings, the FMC is preferable – a complete multilayer coating of all-optical elements.